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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nine no shows from the Hardcore this week:

  1. Foxy - playing golf
  2. Martie - working
  3. Stuart - hay fever
  4. Alan - watching Jnr play football
  5. Iain - not allowed
  6. Kyle - on holiday
  7. Scott - studying for job interview
  8. Andy - Glasto
  9. Ross - long term ankle injury
Add to that the fact that Craig and Grant are injured and Robert is working means that getting ten players has proved to be a challenge! But thanks to the help of Jon and Paul, we do have ten and the game is on.

Michael and Paul are in (as usual) and I've also managed to get a new Ross to play. He's played once before, years ago, and works here at IDOX. He's a regular player himself so should slot in quite well.

Jon has roped in Stephen from his office. Stephen hasn't played football in over a year so who knows how that will work out but we thank him for playing regardless. Jon was also a doubt as he's been quite ill for the last 12 hours but is going to struggle on for the sake of Fitbaw - this is what it takes to win POTY!

Paul has got two of his friends - another Steven and another Jo(h)n. I am tempted to make one team Steven, Steven, Stephen, Jon and John just to see what happens! On a side note, the new Steven used to play football at primary school with Paul and Michael - isn't it a small world? The squad is:

  • Steve
  • Jon
  • Neil
  • Si
  • Paul
  • Micheal
  • IDOX Ross
  • SEPA Stephen
  • Paul's John
  • Paul's Steven
So teams. Feck knows! I'll email Jon and Paul and see if we can get estimations on the level of the new guys and try get some sort of team listing but I would bring both colours of tops with you as there could be some player swapping.

I would be tempted just to split the guys using numbers and then try it for 5 mins. If it looks totally unbalanced then change the teams but seeing as I'm not playing, I'll leave that all up to you guys. Have a good game and even if it's not, just be thankful there is one!

Update - no teams and I have to head so best of luck sorting it out!

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