FSE - 31st July 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

This year's Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza will be the 31st July. The only person not able to make it was Si but he has now confirmed that he will be able to make it so it's a full Hardcore turn out as well as Paul and Robert so far - I'll see what other ringers will be coming along.

The most popular option was to include lunch so we'll go for lunch. The plan goes a little something like this:

  • Meet up at Powerleague for a (free) game of fives (12:30 seem OK?)
    • There are currently 15 participants so we could have 3 teams of 5 and have a quick round robin tournament
    • Two teams playing, one team drinking?
  • Shower, change, head into town for lunch (around 2pm?)
    • Venue still to be decided - anyone got any ideas?
    • Last year was Europa with vouchers
    • 2 for 1 on burgers or similar would be ideal
  • Move on after lunch and find a suitable pub
    • Venue still to be decided - anyone got any ideas?
    • Last year was that one beside the Millennium Hotel
    • With pool table? Note - don't play Killer with Robert ;)
    • The only football on that day is a pre-season friendly between Arsenal and AC Milan
  • Drinking and banter until the wee hours

That's us so get that date in your diary!

1 bit of banter:

Foxy said...

what about the Admiral bar - that had a pool table and hunners of TV's.

BTW - I won't be available for the 5's - playing in the medal in the morning.


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