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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I am back from the sun exactly one shade of blue lighter and ready to roll around the fives park on my giant belly. Holiday was good by the way.

Foxy's been recruited by his golf club's team and so is out this week and maybe the next few too. Neil's on holiday, Scott has a parents night and Ross turned his ankle walking - smooth! Craigo and Penalty Paul make up the ten men.

In regards to penalties, here's my, and hence the official Fitbaw, view on the matter. It's a penalty if:

1. The keeper touches the ball when it is outwith his D

2. The keeper interferes with play, in anyway, outside of the D - that includes the keeper being outside of the D and playing the ball when it is inside the D.

If you allow the keeper to play the ball when the ball is inside the D and he is outside the D then that leads to the keeper coming out the area and blocking or holding up players to let the ball roll harmlessly into the D, preventing scoring opportunities. We don't want the game to descend to that level do we?

As for the ball on the line? Apparently that is anyone's ball (or so those who I've asked think). If it's fully over the line then ONLY the keeper can touch it. If it's fully over the outfield side on the line, then only outfield players can touch it.

Basically, in my opinion, the ball can only be played by the keeper when he is fully within the D and the ball is either on the line or fully within the D.

I hope this clears penalties up for everyone and I hope it all makes sense.

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