Thanks to Kyle "DC" Burrows

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thanks for sorting stuff out yesterday Kyle. It was an interesting experiment and in a game of two halves, it was first half to the Tatties, second half to the Mince.

The Tatties just started really fast and took an 11-0 lead but after that, the Mince kept on clawing back the deficit but our initial lead was just too big a gap to close but it was good to see the Tatties keep battling away and no heads go down.

From a footballing point of view, I thought both teams played some of the best football we've played all reason. Great passes, headed goals, volleys and more. Total football!

Next week sees the return of Si, Foxy, Scott and Martie. I'll not be playing as I've got a ton of stuff on next week with work and getting ready for my holiday but there still could be a Hat of Dooom.

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