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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Poor Steven - it was all going so well until Jon reeked revenge for the shin pad chopping of last week. Boy is he committed to holding onto his place at the top of the table! ;)

So, with a cushion of three goals and just over 30 minutes to play it was always going to be tough to hold onto the lead. Even tougher with a lot of winging bitches complaining about the score! We lost a few, grabbed a few back but by that point, we were pretty knackered but did manage to get one up (YES WE DID!). It didn't last though as tired legs led to them having an extra man in attack. Still a good game though so well played to all, especially the Mince for keeping going as much as our old bodies would let us.

Next week, Alan is back! Hopefully Neil as well. Martie has put himself on the long term injury list as his knee cap isn't getting any better (unlike his physio's wallet).

Update! - Here's a picture of Steve's ankle from this morning - click to embiggen:

Giant ankle

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