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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Great game last night - best we've had for a while. Close and competitive all the way through and could have gone either way at the end. Well played everyone.

Next week Neil and Steven should be back. No idea about Martie but I suspect he's away somewhere on holiday as it was/is his birthday recently/soon.

Alan dropped me and email and his visit to the surgeon was good news and he hopes to be back shortly after Easter. Speaking of returns, "The Big One", El Gordo is back in the UK for a few week from Friday and is looking for a game, so if there's a spot available, Gordo will be joining us for a couple of weeks.

Heid the baw, no the man

Speaking of birthdays, it's Scott's today so Happy Birthday Bruv! Here's a pitcure of Scott and I from a school geography field trip to Arran in 1993. As you can plainly see, we were hot stuff way back in the day.

Hot stuff
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