Thursday, 11 March 2010

I don't know what happened last night. When I picked the teams, I was taking into consideration the fact that I hadn't played in three weeks and Michael had only played once in 4 months. I was also maybe too influenced by Robert's headed goal last summer so expected more goals from Rob (not that I'm blaming him of course - it's my fault for remembering him as a striker like Ross which was wrong).

I don't think there were thirteen goals of a difference between those two teams but when one teams starts as fast as that, it's hard to get back into the game, so these things are bound to happen. I shall endeavour to do better next week. Sorry to all - it's no fun to be on the wrong side of a drubbing but it's not that enjoyable for the winning team either. I think everyone enjoys it more when it's a close fought game that everyone can get stuck into.

Next week should see Foxy, Si, Stuart and Steven back. Martie is resting his knee until he sees the physio again and Alan's hernia operation didn't seem to be that successful so it could be a while until we see the three times POTY again.

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