Paul - the last minute saviour

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Six regulars out this week and despite my best efforts, until this morning, we only had nine players. I had asked almost 30 people if they could play and still only had nine. Andy, Ross, Scott and Si had even been on the hunt but with no luck.

Si, although giving a training course in Perthshire, said that he would drive down but would almost definitely be late, didn't have any contacts so would be playing blind, and organised Jon to swing by his flat and pick up kit! What devotion! However, there was a good chance that he still might not make it and it was also incredibly inconvenient for the Si-man.

So, young Paul, who had already declared himself unable to play as he was going to The Editors said that he would step in, go home and get his kit, and just be a bit later for his beers and band, saving Si the mad dash to Glasgow and the chance of a 4 v 5. So thank you to Paul and Si for showing such commitment.

Regulars missing are Foxy, Martie, Stuart, Alan, Si and Steven. In their place we welcome back Michael for the second time and Robert for the first time this season as well as Super Paul!

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