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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So last week the teams just didn't work out. I was trying to make allowances for those folk that had missed a few weeks and so on but it just went a bit tits up. This week, I'm picking the teams early and putting my thoughts down for all to see so everyone can throw their 2p in and by the time Wednesday night comes round, we'll all be happy with the teams and up for the game.

Out this week are Foxy (work), Martie (knee), Alan (hernia), Scott (work), Si (work) and Ross (drinking - happy birthday!). Steven and Stuart are back and coming in we have Michael and Robert from last week and the tenth man is Grant who makes his season d├ębut. Wee Paul is in Miami (Bassa!).

So here's how I have picked the teams:

  • Steven and Robert are both skilful, solid players that, while may not be out and out strikers, can get you goals and also work hard in defence so put them in opposite teams - I think that'll be an interesting tussle. Steve is the Mince, Robert the Tatties.
  • In the striker roles we have Stuart and Kyle so split them - I'm going to put Kyle in the Mince with Steve. Stuart join's Robert in the Tatties.
  • Next up is the midfield motors or Jon and Andy. Both able to release attacking players, both more than capable of scoring goals and both work back in defence. With Steven and Kyle in the same team, and Jon being the in form player at the moment, I'll keep him apart from them so their team isn't too strong. Andy to the Mince, Jon to the Tatties.
  • Defence wise I would say that Grant and I are the two obvious choices. Both defensively minded and occasionally grabbing the odd goal - I fricking hate playing against him as he's always in the way but split us anyway. Nothing much in the teams at this stage other than a bit of a pace advantage to the Mince so Grant can play with Kyle seeing as they're mates.
  • Finally (but in no way any less importantly!) we have Neil and Michael. Mr Marshal and Neil are maybe on the lower end of the pace scale so seeing as Stuart is in the Tatties, Neil joins the Mincers. Also, that gives us Michael who is probably more likely to score than Neil and with Andy, Kyle and Steven in the Mince team, a helping hand in front of goal is a good thing for the Tatties.
So there you go - my thoughts for all to see as I go through the team picking process. You could probably swap the pairings around and come up with a load of different options but unbelievable, I actually have work to do so when I get to a stage that they seem fair, I usually send them to Kyle, Steve and Foxy to comment on, but today, I ask all of you for your input!

Leave a comment for all to see, or drop me an email if you don't want everyone to see. I don't really mind. I won't be able to accommodate everyone's wishes but I will do my best. Remember - the goal here is to try and pick teams that will result in a draw, not just edge you the win!

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MNF said...

aye looks good, last week was a blip i reckon as teams are always there or there abouts.

Still - Im up for the mincers turning up in green this week?

to be sure to be sure -

see you tmrw - GoodAndy

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