Thursday, 11 February 2010

It felt competitive all the way through but it was really frustrating to see the Mince give away so many balls in the midfield. I thought the Tatties played the game very well - all five men behind the ball in the last third of the pitch leaving us no room to move the ball about. Mind you, we did seen determined to try and walk the ball into the net rather than take a shot. The Tatties would then break at pace with Scott and Si and that's where most of their goals game from with Jon and Alan controlling the back while Foxy danced around the place.

Next week Martie might be out but everyone else should be around so keep a wary eye out for the mythical Hat of Doooom.

2 bits of banter:

Scott said...

Think the score finished about 12 - 7 or summit?

cocovan said...

Four in it - officially!

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