Wind up of the year

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Foxy: u might be getting a promotion to the harcore for next season
Foxy: only thing is - the black balls are still out there
Steve: black balls?
Foxy: the objectors
Steve: are there people who dont want me promoted?
Foxy: aye
Steve: really
Steve: on what grounds
Foxy: personality, skill level, general stuff really
Steve: persoanlity
Steve: what the fuck does that mean
Foxy: whether or not u fit in
Steve: what do they think i take it too seriously
Steve: ?
Steve: surely having better players involved makes you play better yourself?
Steve: i always think people raise their game
Foxy: absolutey - dont disagree and it would be a travesty if it happened imho
Foxy: dont worry - ill sort it
Steve: should i be shmoozing certain people at the day out on sat
Foxy: why the feck should u - you're a good bloke with rugged JohnTerry looks so u'll be ok
Steve: i dont get the john terry thing
Steve: but ok
Foxy: listen - ill be voting for u without a doubt
Steve: so who thinks i shouldnt get promoted. i think i should have a right to know
Steve: so i can kick them next week
Steve: lol
Foxy: well it widnae be a secret vote then
Foxy: if it goes tits up and u dont get in, ill defo tell u
Foxy: u'll deffo know by saturday
Steve: do you have an idea already of who will vote what way?
Foxy: Ive got my suspictions but it no fair to say - ill sort it - dont worry
Steve: alan said to me last night he thought i was too good
Foxy: potential threat to POTY
Foxy: Listen ah shouldnae have said anything but ur my mate and thought u should know the process - it'll be aw right on the nite - my vocals will be heard
Steve: when is the vote
Foxy: Sat
Steve: when we are all out
Foxy: ah think so
Foxy: im sure u'l be celebrating come the vote
Steve: thatll be weird
Foxy: listen don worry about it
Steve: imagine coming out for drinks with everyone and then being told they dont want you to play footie with them
Foxy: listen if that happens then Im chucking it as well
Steve: i appreciate the support
Foxy: Ive just asked eeky about the vote and he said it'll be done later on in the day
Steve: on the sat?
Foxy: aye
Steve: so ill find out on the sat
Foxy: by the time the result come out, u'll be well pished
Foxy: u'll deffo find out on Sat
Steve: lets hope im in then or ill prob say something
Foxy: u'll be aw right
Steve: we shall see
Steve: what about ross?
Foxy: same scenario for him as well
Foxy: no point in stressing urself about it - wait till Sat - u'll be fine
Foxy: last thing on the vote - no one's been black balled before so it's just tradition more than anything to give the new guys a scare - thats all - as the Fox says 'toffee'
Steve: not sure everyone will want 2 new guys coming into the hardcore at once tho
Steve: is that part of the vote (1 or 2) guys to be promoted
Foxy: aye they will - if ah know the minds of some of them, they might think that u and Ross are too good but I think that would raise other peoples games if u both joined
Steve: the more good players the better the game if you ask me
Foxy: i totally agree
Foxy: it'll be ok - u worry about yer chicks and ill worry about the vote for u - u'll be ok

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