Wills throws down the gauntlet

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

William has decided to take a break from his studies to come back and play next week in the POTY decider. I've done the maths even if Alan loses tonight, if he beats William next week, he'll be POTY (for the third time and second in a row) but if Wills holds him off then he will be POTY. Again, it's all coming down to the final game of the season!

Speaking of final games, next week will be the last one for the POTY but there's still another week before Chrimbo so I thought we'd just play a friendly - with the block booking, we probably have to play anyway!

This week, the only real battle going on is at the bottom. If Neil beats Foxy this week and wins next week (when Foxy isn't playing) then Foxy will finish bottom. If not, Neil will take home the wooden spoon.

Andy and Si have picked up injuries and are out. Scott has a parents' night and Martie is at work. Marc continues his run and the other reserve was meant to be Steven but he's just left after chundering all over the place, so Craigo has very kindly agreed to dash home and get his kit and step in at the last minute.

Please bring both tops as I don't think I'll have a chance to pick teams before hand as the proverbial is currently hitting the fan as far as work is concerned. See you all tonight!

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