Neil "wins" the wooden spoon

Thursday, 3 December 2009

I'm not sure what happened last night. I thought the teams looked pretty even on paper and they were ratified by three members of the Mince but it turned out to be a bit of a whitewash. Congrats to Neil for securing the wooden spoon and commiserations to Foxy for missing out on an historic treble - POTY, MOTM and wooden spoon.

Neil Wins The Wooden Spoon

If you go by the first two minutes then it looked as though the Mince were the stronger team. Were it not for some good goal keeping by Foxy, then we could have been quite a few down early on. After that, however, we seemed to get hold of the ball and keep a hold of it. Never mind - it's all down to next week!

Wills is back for one final push to secure the POTY. It's good of him to try and win it rather than hope Alan loses it and means that it should be a great encounter. As is traditional, I'll let Alan and Wills pick the teams so I'll get the squad out as soon as I have it. Scott is back and hopefully Si and Andy will be fit too. Foxy canny make it and I'm not sure about Martie.

3 bits of banter:

neil williamson said...

Aw man, that's no nice.

cocovan said...

Aww sorry! I thought you'd like it! Shall I remove it?

neil williamson said...

no, it's a position of being in the stocks, I'll manage

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