Goodbye Gordo

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

This is it! Gordon's last game for Fitbaw. He was Man of the Year in 2005 in his début season. He's plumbed the depths and the heights of the table over the years finishing bottom in 2006 but almost clinching the POTY in 2008 (Craig's head stopped him).

Gordo's playing style has changed over the last year, going from a sulky, left foot missing, goal hunter, into a defensive midfielder who bosses the back with his Beyonce bum as well as grabbing the odd good goal (even with his left foot too!). This new style has seen him become a much improved player who gets his head down and gets on with the game rather than kicking the boards in frustration that we're all not good enough to pick out his brilliant runs ;)

Gordo has picked the teams for tonight's testimonial (he obviously wants to go out on a high) and it's also Big Steve's first official game as a Hardcore player so well done to Steve (and Ross of course).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gordo...

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Gordon said...

What can I say guys?.... Its been emotional!

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