It was all going so well

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The auto-teams looked OK to me this week but then we had three drop outs this morning meaning the ringers were called in. Foxy's got man flu, Martie's working and Stuart is entertaining a friend from Ireland. Steven, Marc and Grant replace them.

So, the auto-teams were a joke - imagine a team that had Steven, Kyle, Alan all in the same team. It didn't look good. So, what I've done is match up players who are beside each other in the table and then use those pairings to pick the teams. That way, we get the benefit of auto-teams (everyone has the best chance of improving their position) but with the manual intervention of making the teams as fair as we can.

I've tried to accommodate for the Steve but with Marc playing, it makes it a bit easier. Here's hoping it's a good game tomorrow and is nice and close.

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