Wills retires

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Not much to say about last night's game as I wasn't there but looking at the team selection, the result didn't surprise me.

If you've not heard, William is retiring from Fitbaw. He's going back to Uni to finish his accountancy degree at nights and one of those nights is a Wednesday so won't be able to make it for the next two years.

Although William has only been hardcore since 2007, he's actually been filling in a reserve capacity since 2004 and made his d├ębut in August that year so he's been around for a while.

William became known for his quick feet, pulling out the odd spectacular volley and not tracking back. This season, however, he added some defence to his game and so has only lose eight games to date leaving him clear at the top of the table.

So goodbye Wills - we hope to see you back some day. The only question now remains - should he be left at the top of the table? Or does his retirement mean he is removed?

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