Where the f**k is everyone

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Every man and his dog are out this week.
Iain - on holiday
Scott - don’t know why Iain told me last week
Martie - did some kind of walk which means he can’t play.
Gordo – Still in Poland
Si – Still injured
Foxy – visiting relatives
Andy – Going to watch coldplay.

out of the normal reserves.
Marc – on holiday
Rob and Ross – also watching coldplay

So in come Steven, Paul, Grant, and Campbell and up until 2.30 Gary but he pulled out so Dave, a nice chap from my Monday night game has agreed to play.

If it’s this hard next week I am giving up. 12 Hardcore and only 5 can play. Thanks in advance to the guys who have stepping in.

2 bits of banter:

neil williamson said...

"Going to watch coldplay"

Weakest excuse...evar

Ian said...

widnae watch coldplay even if they paid me - they are total PISH!!!!

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