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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hi! Did you miss me? I, of course, missed all of you very much. If anyone is interested, you can see my holiday snaps (note - if you're not a member of Flickr and one of my contacts, you won't actually see all the shots as some are private so join up and add me). A huge thanks to Kyle for looking after things in my absence, especially seeing as the other week there he had to try and find almost an entire squad.

Wills' course is cancelled tonight and he asked if there was a space - Foxy had a lot of stuff on so kindly agreed to give up his spot for William, to allow him to catch up. Andy is off work (sick I think) so isn't playing and Stu has a cold. I'm back and Ross is the tenth man.

I've updated the stats with the details from the games that were played in my absence. I also found a slight bug in the stats! Do you remember the 4v4 game that we decided shouldn't count? Well the guys that played in it got one added onto their number of games played as a wee thanks for playing. This was meant to be a bonus (so if you ever see someone who's total number of games is one more than the sum of their wins, losses and draws, this is why) but the bug meant that it actually reduced their POTY points. This has now been fixed and that, plus Alan's wins the last few weeks, actually puts him at the top of the table!

There are ten weeks or so to go until the end of the season (get your Xmas shopping started lads) so I'm going to try and give everyone the chance and getting up the table as much as possible. To make that as easy as possible, I've set up an automated way of picking the starting point for the teams. It's the old method we used where the Mince get players ranked 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10 and the Tatties get 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9. The only slight difference is that the rankings are purely based on points earned divided by games played which means when ringers are drafted in, they have an accurate rank. If you want, have a look at the entire spreadsheet to see how it all works.

As I said, that's just a starting point as some weeks, this method will just give us completely unbalanced teams and no one wants that, but as much as possible, I'm going to try stick to the formula as closely as I can.

Teams to follow shortly.

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