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Thursday, 13 August 2009

So the teams were picked just before the game with Andy and Scott as El Capitanos. However, Scott won a watch by picking first and then Andy not getting the next two picks and then Scott gets two picks and so on (which is how I think it should be done).

Anyway, it seemed to lead to somewhat unbalanced teams and so a pumping was handed out to the Mince. I'm sorry about the lack of picking recently - it seems to have led to some random teams which have resulted in games that haven't been the best. I'm back next week so will try and make the time to get something sorted (even though I've not seen you guys play for 12 weeks).

Next week sees a mass return of players. Foxy, Martie, myself, Kyle, Wills and Stuart are all back which could possibly mean a Hat of Doooom situation. Thanks to all the reserves who have helped out over the summer period. You shall not be forgotten and I hope to get a game for as many of you as possible in the run up the end of the season.

Cash wise, here's what Gordo has told me (thanks to him for getting the cash):

- Paul owes £6
- Robert owes £1
- Kitty owes Andy £4
- Kitty owes Alan £4
- Kitty owes Gordo £1

If any of that seems wrong, please let me know. Richard from last week also owes £6 but Wills is going to sort that out for me.

MOTM seems to be working this week, so get your comments in. Remember, I'm more likely to pick reserves that participate in the MOTM banter ;)

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