Ye Olde Fitbaw

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I found some old shots of us playing Fitbaw from way back in the heady days of 2004. I've updated the media page with them but here's some quick links to get you going:

A wet day in May 2004 -
Fitbaw May 2005

A sunny day in May -
Fitbaw May 2005 - Sunny

I also found some shots of last year's Summer Extravaganza so there they are to get you in the mood -

Speaking of which, the pitch is booked for noon on Saturday and we have ten players so please no one get injured tonight! After that, I have a table booked for thirteen of us at 1:30pm at The Europa Bar. We have some vouchers to get 2 for 1 on the mains so that should keep the cost down. After that, the world is our oyster.

Tonight's game sees the return of Scott and Neil but Foxy is off to The Open to watch some fat guys hit small balls and Gordo is recovering from jet lag. Si and I remain on the injury list.

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