Summer Extravaganza Reminder

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Just to remind you all that we're still on for the 18th July as the Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza 2009! At the moment, Kyle is the only Hardcore to have to pull out - he forgot he had a wedding to go to. From the reserves, both Jon and Ross are able to make it, giving us a total of 13 guys out for the day.

Although there were plans to do something different, all that really means is that all the kitty cash goes on doing stuff rather than free beer. I think we'd all rather have free beer would we not?

So, seeing as a few people have asked for a game of fives to kick us off, we'll go for that. I reckon we can have a noon kick off, and be in town for 1:30pm for some food and beers. From there, we can just see what the weather is doing and where we want to go. Foxy has suggested the Counting House just because it's cheap pub grub. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

If anyone doesn't want to play fives on Saturday (other than Foxy) please let me know as with Si and I injured, that'll leave us less than ten players so we may have to scrap the fives or find another ringer to bring along for the day.

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