Shoot on sight

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Another game filled with randoms I'm afraid. Martie, Si and I share all have the injury "du jour" - a knackered ankle. Scott and Alan are on holiday (not together they tell me) and Gordo is still "working" in the USA - it's a hard life!

A new chap from IDOX called Marc makes his d├ębut - he works with Wills in finance so I have no idea what he'll be like but I'm trying to find out so teams will go up once we know a bit more about Marc. The other new face is Robert. No, not our German friend with the controversial top, but a friend of Andy's who it apparently a decent footballer (or so Kyle says).

Tonight will be the first game where the "you can only shoot from your opponent's half" rule will be dropped. We'll see how it goes and make a final ruling once we've had a few games. I bet Foxy and Steve will be the first to take advantage of it.

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