Four v four

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm very sorry to say that this week's game is a 4 v 4 affair. Up until 6pm yesterday we had ten but then William pulled out as he was offered hospitality to the Celtic game. It should be noted that William is a Rangers fan so he chose the opposition over Fitbaw. At the last minute. With no apology. Anyone else in favour of docking Mr Wright ten points? ;)

At that point, I got on the phone to try and scare up a tenth man but before I had finished sending out the texts, I received one from Steven who had pulled his groin in his Tuesday night game. Despite calls to Robert, Paul, Marc, Grant, Campbell and Ross, no once could play. This morning Gordo tried to get someone, as did Scott but still no luck which means it's a 4 v 4. Sorry but not much else I could do.

So guys, I'm asking nice, if you are going to pull out of Wednesday, I need to know ASAP. 6pm on a Tuesday night is really too late to pull out (and I'm not just having a go a Wills here - others have done so in the past too) without a very good reason. It's not just me that your let down but all the guys that are playing so please consider them as well. At the very least, if you do have to pull out, I'd appreciate it if you could maybe do your best to find a replacement. I am more than happy to send out a list of email addresses and mobile numbers so you can track down your own reserve - I'll maybe send out an email later.

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