Ringers return

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kyle, Martie, Stuart, Si, Gordo and myself are all out of this week's game. Jon, Ross, Paul and Grant fill the gaps. Pitch 6 (which is the pish bumpy one).

So the Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza 2009 is all set, at least the date is - 18th July. So far, it's looking like a game of fives around noon and then get some cheap food somewhere and as much beer as we can squeeze out the kitty. However, I'm still open to suggestions for something else to do - just drop me an email but bear in mind the cost.

Seeing as we'll have more than the required 10 for the fives, if anyone doesn't want to play or is still injured (Foxy, Si, maybe me) then please still come along to the noon game and have a few beers and shout "Pish!" at all the players.

As for food, Foxy suggested the Counting House in town - you get two mains for £7 or there abouts meaning more cash for beer. If it's a good day, then I reckon we'd be best to find a beer garden and set up camp there. Again, all thoughts and venue suggestions welcome - just send me an email.

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Kyle said...

Pitch 6 is one of the new upgraded one i think.

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