So did he die?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Apparently not - well done Martie! By all accounts a close enough game so I hope you all enjoyed it.

Next week, I'm on holiday and Kyle isn't playing. Si's back so that should mean another all Hardcore event. If anyone can't play, then please let me know TODAY so I can sort it out. At a push, I can try sort it out tomorrow but I'm not in the office so today is preferable.

Normally Kyle sorts out stuff in my absence but he's not in the office until Wednesday himself (hence why he's not playing) so if anyone discovers that they can't play after tomorrow, then there's going to be no one to get you a reserve so you'll have to do it yourself. I'll send an email round with contact details for the reserves.

So, Foxy's booking the pitch, Foxy and Kyle will sort out the teams, Kyle will update the website, Scott will bring a ball but I still need someone (IDOX based) to collect the cash and pay for the pitch - please email me if you're willing to take this on. If no one does by lunchtime, I'm going to come looking for one so you've been warned.

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