Return of the Beastie!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Who is this man?

Martie's back this week so I hope someone knows mouth to mouth! Foxy is back from his golf trip and Andy "The Marathon Man" makes is comeback too. The only ones out are me (ankle still sore) and Si (in Roma - ciao!). Please give you money to Kyle and can someone bring a ball please? I forgot to bring ours in - doh!

That means it's an all Hardcore affair! Everyone's had their shot of picking the teams so I'll just get them done this week (at some point - I'm very busy) and we can sort out when everyone wants to do after that.

Next week's game is still at 6:30pm. Most folk didn't mind and I had two for 6pm and two against so we'll just keep it as it is so everyone can play. I'm on holiday next week and Kyle isn't playing (or in work) so I need a volunteer to book the pitch at 8:55am. I'll get numbers sorted before I leave. If anyone is out for next week, please let me know by tomorrow at the latest.

2 bits of banter:

Scott said...

I'll bring a ball.

cocovan said...

thanks Biscotty

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