Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Too many blouses in the Hardcore at the moment, all dropping out and making my life difficult! Out this week are:

  • Si - still injured
  • Scott - at the Lionel Ritchie concert
  • Alan - baby sitting while his wife is in NZ
  • Andy - at the St Mirren vs Rangers game tonight
  • Stuart - has a cold
  • Martie - AWOL as usual (though may be back in a couple of weeks!)

Even the regular reserves are dropping like flies:
  • Craig - busted toe still
  • Jon - on holiday
  • Steven - ill and injured
  • Ross - watching the Liverpool game

Grant's back and Paul makes his second appearance in as many weeks. Paul's pulled on of his mates in (John) as has Andy (Chris), even though he's not playing.

With a couple of unknowns, we've split the teams so there's 3 regulars, one reserve and one ringer in each team. Hopefully it'll be close but with Ringers' Law, you never know.

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