Where the hell is everyone?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

We've been ticking along this season without any trouble getting ten players. There was even talk of the Hat of Dooooom a few times but this week it all went tits up!

  • Martie - still AWOL (but hopefully back next month)
  • Stuart - away up North for his birthday
  • Alan - baby sitting
  • Neil - still not feeling well with the virus he's got hanging around
  • Iain - sore knee from running
  • Scott - birthday plans (happy birthday bruv)
  • Craig - broken toe
  • Steven - sore knee/groin

I also tried Ponto, Gordo's mates, Wills' mates, Andy's mates and all of IDOX and still only managed to get nine players!

Jon and Ross play again and we also see the return of Grant for the first time in a while. Andy managed to get one of his guys from Monday Night Fitbaw, another Stevie, who apparently isn't as good as our Stevie but should fit in quite well - I think that means he'll be pretty good.

I'll step up and be the tenth man. Neil did offer but I think it's best he rests to try and shake off this virus he's had for a while. I'll probably be in goals most of the game but it's better than 4 v 5.

Gordo was meant to be picking the teams but he says he's "too busy" so he can do it next week and I'll just try and sort out the mess that we have this week. Who knows what will happen!

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