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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Kyle becomes the first player to pick the teams and win in a great game where the final scoreline in no way represents how close it actually was.

It was a slow start with the score level at 3-3 after 25 minutes. After that, the Tatties stepped up the pace and score three without reply while the Mince passed the ball about OK but were very static, leaving Kyle and Ross to try work some individual magic for a goal.

Slowly but surely, the Mince pulled it back and it sat at 6-6 for a while an the game looked as if it could have gone either way, but lucky for the Mince, they got a couple of goals lead and managed to hold that right to the end. In fact, with the Tatties chasing the game, the Mince managed a few breaks which flattered the scoreline considerably.

It was another week of all ten men really trying right to the end with some good football played by both sides and no real niggles so well done everyone - great game (though I may be biased because we won).

Next week Stuart is away up North for his Birthday (have a great time old man) but Gordo is back from his holidays, Andy shouldn't have to work late and hopefully Si will be fit again.

However, we forgot to book the pitch. Both Kyle and I were in before 9 and we both totally forgot so apologies to all. Reminders have now been set let, right and centre for every Wednesday to get the pitch booked. It just goes to show what a great job Foxy did for the last few years.

We are on the waiting list for a more favourable time but worst case scenario, who can't make 8pm KO? I'll send an email round anyway so you can reply to that with a yay or a nay (sorry Alan - I know it's hard for you to make the odd late kick off).

Finally, thanks to those of you who have supported Andy for his Sunday Session. If you've not bought your tickets, please do. Kyle, Si, Andy, Ross and myself will all be there so please come along and join us for a beer! You'll be helping a very good cause.

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