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Thursday, 22 January 2009

No, I'm not going to another filming and no, I'm not paid by Simon Cowell to promote his shows (although that would be good) - this is all to do with the stats for this season.

The idea was to reward players who play more game, but only slightly. If you had the same ratio of points/games played as another player but had played more games, it stands to reason that you should be above that person in the table.

So, behold the new formula:

POTY Score = (((3 x w) + d) / p) + (p / (X x g))

w = number of games you've won
d = number of games you've drawn
p = number of games you've played
g = total number of games played
X = The X-Factor!

The first part of the formula is the same as it's been since we started this Fitbaw malarkey but now there is the extra part at the end added on. This season, the X-Factor is going to be 10. Neil has done some simulations (oooooh) against last year's final stats table and feels this is best number to use. The more games you play, the higher your extra bit added on is. Since the X-Factor is 10, the maximum the extra added on can be is 0.1.

If you have a look at the stats so far for this season you can see the benefits clearly. Andy, myself, Stuart and Wills have all won 100% of our games but Andy has played 3, me 2 and Stu and Wills just the one. Therefore, Andy leads the table due to the fact that he's played more games.

So there it is. The basic formula seems spot on and the only thing that could change would be the X-Factor but that's now set for the 2009 season but we could change it for next year depending on how this season goes.

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