What a start to a season!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Games don't come much closer than that (unless they are a draw). The Tatties started the stronger of the two teams going into an early 6-2 lead. This was pulled back pretty quickly by the Mince men, led by Steven and Foxy and soon it was 6-6. The Mince continues their run and went into their own 10-6 lead. That's 8 goals without reply! That was a wake up call for the Tatties who rallied and pulled it back to level again.

From that point onwards, it was anyone's game with both teams holding a one goal lead at some point but the Tatties held that crucial one goal advantage as the next game finally came on. A great game and well done to all then men for battling right to the end.

Next week I expect Stuart and Gordon back. Martie will be returning around April and Wills needs another two weeks off for his knee to fully recover.

This season, we were also looking at a new scoring system for the stats but more research is need at the moment. The idea is that the more games you play, the more points you can earn to try and reward guys (very slightly) that turn up week in, week out and give everyone an added incentive to play as much as possible. It should also stop guys that start the season mid way through romping up the table when they've played only half the number of games of other players.

At the moment, there won't be any stats posted until the final formula is decided upon - Neil and Stuart are doing a lot of the work on this at the moment.

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