Thursday, 15 January 2009

Although it finished with five in it, it was pretty much neck and neck for the majority of the game. Again, the Mince started stronger and, again, the Tatties pulled it back to level around the half way mark leaving it wide open for the second half.

Then the snow started in earnest blowing into the faces of the Tatties and it seemed like there were white Mince everywhere! At the same time, the Tatties also got that extra man in the form of the woodwork. Foxy alone must have hit the post twice and the crossbar twice too.

It was tit for tat for a while but the Tatties just managed to hold a lead and add a few at the end to make it look a lot more comfortable than it actually was. Well played to all as it was another good game with everyone battling right to the end in not the nicest of conditions.

Remember that next week's game is at 7pm but I'll do my best to get that changed if I can. So far, only Alan has told me he can't play. I can't either but that's because I'm off to "Britain's Got Talent". Don't worry, I'm only going to be in the audience, not performing!

Neil's done a bit more analysis on the stats and I hope to have them up by tomorrow at the latest. Now away and vote for the MOTM.

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