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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

So, remember those anonymous MOTM votes that (almost) helped me win MOTM a few weeks back and the one last week that cause Si such consternation? Well I've tracked down the culprit. My maw!

Scott and I were round at my folks for a Burns' supper on Sunday (and braw it was too) and got to talking, as we do, about Fitbaw and the extra MOTM votes. My mum suddenly tunes into this conversation and asks what was going on. When I explained about the extra votes, she proclaimed "Oh, that was me"!!! It seems she is an avid reader of the site (Hi Mum - go and make Dad some tea!) and decided to throw the odd vote in here and there. So a few weeks ago, I was the lucky recipient and last week, it was Si (who she's known for almost 27 years).

It seems this isn't the first time she's done it either as she remembers once voting for Martie and we all know how long it's been since the big chap played.

So there you go - mystery solved. She has promised not to do it again and did apologise as she didn't realise that she was doing anything wrong - no harm done I suppose, other than me being gutted the other week when I had to un-award myself the MOTM :(

Tonight's game is an all Hardcore affair with Gordo out with a slight chest infection and Foxy able to play. The Hat of Dooooom goes back in its drawer for now...

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