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Thursday, 22 January 2009

I don't have any real chat from last night's game other than the Mince team move about better and while the Tatties were always pulling goals back, as soon as they did, the Mince got a few more towards the end.

Last week's MOTM wasn't won by me. It seems Craig didn't vote in the MOTM (bastard) so it's a three way tie between Jon, Andy and myself. Baws!

Next week we're back to 6:30pm but it's pitch 6 again (the bumpy one) but Kyle is going to take over the pitch booking and he's always in before 9 so we should hopefully always get a decent pitch at 6:30.

Kyle, Alan and myself should all be back which does leave us with a potential Hat of Dooooooooom situation! How exciting. Check the rules page to see if you're still in the Hat.

4 bits of banter:

neil williamson said...

What? The Hat doesn't reset at the start of the season?

cocovan said...

Nah - if it did and we only have one or two HoD/season, it wouldn't be very fair if it was the same person who got picked each season would it?

The HoD gets reset once everyone has been picked out. That seem OK?

neil williamson said...

Sure, I just had it in my head that it was a seasonal thing.

At the rate we use it though some of us might never be picked out.

cocovan said...

Here's hoping! ;)

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