POTY decider? Alan vs Gordo

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It's a head to head tonight between Alan and Gordon. If Alan wins, then he will be the first person to win POTY twice. If Gordon wins, then it all comes down to the final game of the season again! Exciting stuff!

Alan has a sore knee and Gordon has a sore ankle but both have agreed to play to make it fair on the other one so no one can accuse anyone of skipping games to conserve their lead - very commendable gentlemen.

Also out tonight are Kyle (working), Foxy (family stuff), Wills (injured knee) and myself (baby sitting - the Mrs has the flu).

In are Craigo, Robert and Steven. I know, I know - Steven always fecks the team picking up BUT he's only played fives (or football for that matter) once in four months or similar so isn't as fit as normal so hopefully that should help bring him down to our level.

Hopefully it should be a close and competitive game and you all enjoy it. Equal amounts of luck so Gordon and Alan. To battle!

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