A draw? A frickin' draw?!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Gordon's fine, by the way. No concussion and no need for any stitches as the skin had begun to knit together itself by the time he got there. He'll have a wee scar as a permanent reminder of how close he came to becoming the POTY. He's off work today to rest up (but also because he's got a giant, stupid looking plaster on his head).

Craig is also fine other than a nice bruise on his head but the bump did continue to grow all last night until it was quite a spectacular sight. Unfortunately, it's gone down now thanks to Craig wearing a a bag of peas as a hat most of the night.

So, the game. Oooh it was close! Obviously, I think that the Mince would have taken control again and romped to victory. We were just tired after taking that 5 goal lead, that was all. With Robert heading back to Germany, it's a shame it can never be replayed.

Congrats to Alan who is this year's POTY and well deserved it is too. Does anyone ever remember Alan having a bad game? He's been a rock in defence, unbeatable in goals and has played almost every game too. All hail Alan the POTY 2009! The stats have been updated to reflect the final result.

get your MOTM votes in ASAP so we have it decided in time for the awards. 6pm at The Drum and Monkey - if you're late, you get less free beer. Simple as that. The awards will kick off as soon as everyone gets there or 7pm - which ever comes first. See you then my fellow Fitbawers.

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