Chrimbo Challenge Match

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Steven had rounded up five guys from the office and asked us for a game of fives - kind of an IDOX Fitbawers vs IDOX Non-Fitbawers. Ever keen to exert our dominance in the world of five-a-side football, the challenge was accepted. Except that most of the out IDOX guys got injured in the big POTY showdown.

All looked lost until Friday night when everyone seemed pissed enough to agree to one more outing this year. So, the game will go ahead tomorrow at 6:30pm on pitch 8. Playing for the original (and the best) Fitbaw team are:

Stuart, Andy Si, Kyle, Craigo and Ross (Andy's mate)

Playing for the challengers are:

Steven, Brad, Ross, David and Neil! (they had a guy drop out so Neil has agreed to step in for the opposition - I assume he'll not give away any of our secrets).

Have a good game guys and may the best team win.

2 bits of banter:

neil williamson said...

Assume nothing! I aim to win this one, I mean, I'm pretty much an outsider anyway. Look at that big happy group photo. Which among you didn't notice that the person at the front is Mairi, not me!

So, I'll be sticking it right to yis on Wednesday, thank you very much!

[ps I think we all know that Ross is Andy's mate - or is this a new thing? Did they use to be enemies?]

cocovan said...

It was just to differentiate between Ross Govan and Ross Neilson.

On yersel' Neily. Stick it to them!

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