War of attrition

Thursday, 27 November 2008

From what I can tell, at some point, almost everyone got injured but mainly the Mince men. Wills' knee is goosed and so he's going to be out for the rest of the season. He's going to go to the docs to get it checked out so we wish him a speedy recovery and return to Fitbaw! Apart from that, it seemed a tight game so well played to all.

Only two games left that count towards the POTY and, as far as I can tell, only Alan and Gordo are still in with a shout. Alan has to lose it and Gordo has to win it. I fully expect both players to play the next two weeks with no sneaky tactical "injuries".

Next week we'll have to wait and see who recovered enough to play but Alan, Gordo, Scott and myself should all be back and it's only Wills that's out at the moment but I'll wait until Monday for the fitness tests to come in.

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