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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Stuart said before the game this he thought the teams were unbalanced in favour of the Mince and I suppose the result confirms that but at the same time, Foxy thought that the Tatties had the slightly stronger side and Scott thought that they had more natural goal scorers. It just goes to show that everyone obviously has different opinions of everyone else's abilities.

If the teams were unbalanced, I don't think they were as much as the scoreline suggests. The Mince had everything go right for them last night where as the opposite could be said for the Tatties. We picked up every spare ball in the midfield and managed to put away most of our chances. Everyone in our team played really well at the same time which, I think, exaggerated the difference in the two teams. I shall endeavour to do better in the team selection next week.

Speaking of which, Gordo is on holiday for the next two weeks so at the moment, I think it'll be the same players so I'll do some swapping around to mix it up and try get a better balance.

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