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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Well it was nice to be back, see you all again and get a wee run around but it's still pish losing all the time. Next season, I'm just going back to fixing the teams in my favour again. I think the fairest thing to do in the run up to the end of the season is go back to picking the team automatically (1 v 2, etc) so that everyone gets as much chance to rise up the table in the last few games that they are. It also, hopefully, will make the race for POTY as close as possible. I'll see how that works out.

Next week Foxy and William should be back so, barring any injuries, it'll just be ten hardcore players hopefully. If Kyle decides to gather his toys and put them back in the pram then it could even be a Hat of Doooooom situation.

The Xmas Night Oot is confirmed for the 12th December. Everyone seems to be able to make it, including most of the regular reserves so I'll go get that booked today and get back you with details of the wondrous buffet and times, etc.

Finally, I was talking to Scott on the way home about the points system that we use. Scott said that in one the school leagues his kids are involved in, they get bonus points for completing fixtures (to stop teams pulling out of league matches to try and preserve leads and sneaky tactics like that). A few folk have said to me in the past that they think it can be unfair that someone who has won less games can be above them in the stats and, in the past, I've looked into trying to find some way to incorporate a small reward for playing Fitbaw but never found a satisfactory solution.

After discussing it with Scott, I thought about adding 0.01 for every game that you play. It's not a huge amount and won't effect the standings hugely but it's enough to make a difference when two players are close in the table. It also gives folk incentives to keep playing and not get lazy or go in a huff or try to preserve a table position. Obviously this is up for discussion and nothing will happen this year, but maybe we can decide what to do at the ADM (Annual Drinking Meeting) at Xmas. In the meantime, here's the original stats without any bonus points, and here's the proposed ones where you get 0.01 for every game played. For example if your points per game are 1.4 and you've played 30 games, then your points will actually be 1.7. Thoughts?

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neil williamson said...

One thing I like about this idea is that it obviates the necessity of putting in a "mimimum game to win the POTY" rule. So it rewards loyalty and eagerness a little bit without penalising those who are injured or otherwise called away too much.

cocovan said...

That's the general idea - small reward for those who play week in, week out and hopefully encourages those who occasionally get complacent and take a break.

The only other thing I would say is that a minimum for POTY might still be required just because you could play 10 games, win 9 of them and even if your nearest rival plays 40 game, they still may not catch you. Generally though, this should sort the problem as long as the potential POTY has played at least half the total number of games.

Ian said...

Total the no of games played by everyone ths season and take the average from this - this should determine the minimum no of games to be played for POTY.

I would guess it would be somewhere between 25-30 games

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