Gordo's back - kinda

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Neil, Andy and Gordo are back this week. Well Gordo's sort of back. He said he'd play but now just feels knackered after his flight yesterday. The hunt is on for a replacement but if one can't be found, Gordo will play anyway.

Alan claims to have twisted his knee and can't play and swears that it has nothing to do about preserving his lead at the top of the table. Alan's an honest chap so I believe him - thousands wouldn't! Scott has a parents' night and I'm oot as well.

If there are no teams up by the end of the day, please bring both tops with you to the park and you'll have to sort it yourselves, but I shall try my best to get a Gordo replacement AND get teams picked and posted before 5pm.

Have a good game chaps.

UPDATE - Gordo's out and Robert's in! Almost got teams I swear!

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