Drums and monkeys

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

This year, the Fitbaw Xmas Night Oot will be held at the Drum and Monkey. I went round a few places with no luck and thought I'd just chance my arm at our regular Friday lunchtime pint place. They're going to keep us tables and drinking space and do us a buffet (probably through in the back area). It's a good pub that does good food but they were wanting £7/head for the basic buffet. After some ducking and diving I have managed to get them to agree to £4/head so it won't be anything super fancy but it should be better than the barely edible stuff we've had the last few years. So, 6pm onwards at the Drum and Monkey where Mr Andy Hood will be dishing out the awards and abuse.

Pitch 6 for tonight's game for a change. I've tried to pick the teams to give everyone a chance to play against their nearest rival, as well as keeping them fair of course, to try and make the last few games as interesting as possible.

Gordo's a bit poorly and we all know about Kyle so Craigo's the tenth man.

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