The comeback you've all waited for

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

So here we go. After not playing or doing any kind of sport (unless lugging bags of rubble counts as a sport) since my birthday (when I LOST), I'm making my comeback tonight. As part of my intensive training for tonight, I did have to jog for the train this morning for at least two minutes (phew). So as long as the game only last two minutes and the pace doesn't go anywhere beyond a light jog, I should be absolutely fine.

Martie is out as always, Wills is taking the kids to see fireworks and Kyle is still missing for unknown reasons although maybe this recent paparazzi shot may give us some clue as to why he's not playing...

Hufty Club

Teams to follow shortly.

UPDATE - Foxy (the wee shite) has pulled out last minute as he managed to wangle a free ticket (hospitality) to Parkheid tonight to watch Celtic get pumped again by Man U. he very graciously managed to get Robert to step in last minute so you can all disregard the teams as they will need repicking.

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