Will the rain stop by 6.30?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Its pissing it down here, lets hope it stops!

Teams this week have been picked by Foxy.

Out we have:
Scott - No idea why. his name was crossed off on the board.
Iain - He is on holiday because, apparently, 3 weeks paternity leave isn't a holiday!
Martie - Is not in Thailand as previously reported. Working for the banks as he does he is apparently in Iceland. Its cheaper than Asda apparently and those bankers need to save every penny!
My Dad, A banker himself, said to me the other day "the banking collapse is worse than a divorce. I have lost half my assets and I still have a wife"

So stepping in we have Craig who was asked to play last week before Iain realised we had a full squad. so promised first refusal this week. Sorry to Jon and Grant who both wanted a game!

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