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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hi, my name's Iain and I'll be your website guy until the end of the year. I've now used all my holidays and paternity leave so I'm back in the driving seat of fitbaw.org. However, I'm still "homeless", probably for another two weeks but I should be back in November to mount a late charge for POTY.

So no me this week, Alan's on holiday, Martie's still on his travels and Kyle's having a wee rest after last week's trauma (what ever the hell happened there - Gordo and/or Wills and/or Kyle, you guys need to kiss and make up, "It's only a gemme").

We'll also need to start thinking about the Xmas night out. Same as always chaps? The hardest part is trying to get a date that doesn't clash with all the other festive nights/lunches so if anyone knows definite dates they can't make (Fridays in December) then please drop me an email and let me know. Ta.

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