Annual Fitbaw Xmas Awards and Night Oot

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm going to propose the 12th of December this year for the Xmas night oot. The IDOX Xmas lunch is on the 19th so that's out for a lot of us straight away to the nearest Friday is the 12th. If folks can't make the 12th, then it might have to be a Thursday and we just all turn up a bit bleary eyed to work on the Friday. If it was a Thursday, then we could do the 11th or the 18th.

As always, the venue will be the ever salubrious "The Old Print Works" with their always tasty £2/head buffet. There was chat of going somewhere a bit nicer seeing as the kitty was getting so big but we pretty much blew that one out the water with the summer booze up.

Finally, the awards. Si, Jon, Foxy, Neil and myself have all taken our turn(s) in writing up and dishing out the awards so I'm looking for a volunteer or two (or three if you're shy) to come up with this year's humiliation. It doesn't have to be a long speech or anything, just an award for each player based on their performance that season - the more piss taking, the better of course.

So, I'll email this around and see what date most of the hardcore can make and that'll decide it. Reserves will be invited too but it's more important that the hardcore can make it. Thoughts please.

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