Congratulations to Iain and Gillian!!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I suppose i should start with congratulating Iain on becoming a Dad. For those of you not aware he gave birth to Katie Elizabeth yesterday at 4.01. Well done him I say. Obviously he didn't give birth Gillan did but he want to take all the credit.

Also good to know hes a better shot in the bedroom than he is on the footy pitch.

Anyway back to the important stuff. Lots of ringers tonight.

Jon, Ross and Rob all make an appearance as Iain, Foxy and myself are out. Neil is still on holiday and Martie i believe has been abducted.

Finally someone will need to bring a ball. The good one is with Iain and my house mate pumped the other one over a wall. Its Ok though as he will replace it or i will break his other leg tonight.

Finally Finally Alan will take the money tonight.

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