There's definitely a game!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

There's defo a game but I'm not sure if there will be teams picker before hand. I'm off work this week tearing my new house apart so don't have the time to sort them out. I have left Kyle in charge of Fitbaw but I'm not sure if he'll have a chance to pick teams either.

So even if there are no teams picked, there's definitely a game on pitch seven at 6:30pm and I will see you all there. Please bring both tops with you and please also note that I'll be knackered and covered in plaster dust so I might be best in the Mince team.

The squad is:

- Iain
- Si
- Kyle
- Neil
- Stuart
- William
- Andy
- Craig
- Jon
- Stephan (one of Si's friend's from work - never played before)

PS - I anyone wants to come to my new place and help me tear down some old plaster then they are more than welcome.

PPS - My wee sister still hasn't popped so Scott's still not a dad. The wait goes on.

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