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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Here's my understanding of what happened. Gordo got injured, went in goals and due to his injury the other team began to come back until there was only one goal in it With only one goal in it and it being close to the end, a shot hit Gordo's injured bit (whatever that may have been) and Gordo dropped like a ton of bricks while the rebound was rattled home to make it even. I believe there's a bit of controversy over how long was taken for the rebound to be scored - we generally do stop for injuries if they seem bad bit I wasn't there so can't comment. At that point Gordo left the field of play and the game stopped early.

Now I wasn't there but here's my thoughts. Whether or not the rebound should have stood, Gordo's team left the field of play before standard Fitbaw regulation time was up (5 minutes max extra time if no one comes on the pitch) so in theory, unless everyone agreed that it was a draw before they left the pitch (I have heard that there was a general consensus to end the game early but I have also heard that Andy refused to leave unless it was a draw), you could argue that the "abandoned" the game, handing the other team the win.

However, that's just silly. I say it's a draw. If the full time had been played with Gordo's team down to 4 men, surely they would have lost? By all accounts, it was a good game so let it be a draw and no one's a loser.

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