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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I cunningly managed to do myself out of a game this week - bah! I thought Gordo would be injured after last week's drama - it turned out that he was fine to play but by which time I'd arranged a reserve in the form of Craig. Never mind, my mistake for not checking with Gordo so no game for me. However, this morning, I got a text from Gordo to say he has a cold (awww bless) and can't play! Great! Shit! No kit! So Jon's taking his place.

Enjoy the game and I hope this week it all goes smoothly with no controversy. I'll not be able to play next week as Coco Jnr is due any day at that point and then I'll be off on paternity leave for the few weeks after so I'll see you all at the end of September and I'll leave you with a picture of Callum Ramsey Neil, Scott's wee boy and my new nephew!

"What up my bitches?"

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